Latest News: National Arts Council-Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) 2019

Letters come alive!

Letters come alive!

Our dance programmes for pre-schoolers are part of the NAC-AEP scheme. Eligible pre-schools will benefit from Tote Board Arts Fund subsidies when bringing our programmes to their schools.

1) Letters Come Alive! (Performance - Arts Exposure)

Two dancers animate the alphabet - taking on the shape of different letters, sounding out the letters, and forming words together. This whimsical dance show introduces the building blocks of the English language with playful, upside-down antics.

2) Freely Playing, Suddenly Dancing (Creative Movement Workshop Series - Arts Experience)

This 8-session series introduces creative movement to children the way they know best - play! We harness and value their creative movement ideas and shape them together in an inventive dance. Children will develop greater awareness of their bodies and how to relate to others. Creative and social-emotional learning at every turn!

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