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Do your young children like dancing their way? Do they prefer to learn by doing, rather than following step-by-step instructions? Do YOU enjoy improvising and going with the flow?

If so, join us at our Dance Jams for All Ages, where we provide "live" music, a dance floor, a facilitated warm-up, and a crowd of dance-lovin' families and artists. Food and craft are always part of the event as well. Sounds irresistible? Find out for yourself!

We have partnered with these organisations for our Dance Jams for All Ages: *SCAPE's Naughty or Nice Holiday Fair (2016 Year-End Dance), Ground-Up Initiative (2017 Family Farm Boogie) and Mahota Commune (2017 Year-End Dance).

Our next Dance Jam for All Ages will be held in June 2018. Join our mailing list to receive updates on our dance jams and other events. 


Loose Parts Play (by Tinker Yard) at our Year-End Dance 2017 with Mahota Commune



Dance Jam (with "live" music by Little Creatures | SA) at our Year-End Dance 2017 with Mahota Commune

Photo credits:

Banner photo by Ezra Goh

Loose Parts Play and Dance Jam photos by Celine Asril