These events are open to the public. Hope to see you there!

Banner by Superhero me

Banner by Superhero me

PEEKABOO! An Inclusive Arts Festival

Join us at Superhero Me’s PEEKABOO Festival, an inclusive arts festival (and advocacy campaign) that brings children of mixed abilities together for fun, pleasure and camaraderie. The festival partner, Rainbow Centre, is also the host of the festival, where visitors will get to experience a guided tour of the installations by various artists, including Rolypoly Family!

Our installation, The Body Electric, celebrates the children’s movement as a way of honouring their bodies and personhood - movement that we can see, movement that we can’t, movement that we understand, and that which we don’t yet understand.

There will also be workshops and parent initiatives for inclusion, such as Parents for Parents. To register for the tour and other events, click here.

Rolypoly Family Dance Party @ The Artground

Rolypoly Family Dance Party @ The Artground

Weekends at The Artground

Looking for an excuse to dance over the weekend, or for your little ones to have fun while moving and learning about their bodies? Head over to The Artground, where we run Rolypoly Family Dance Party (think: Mambo Jambo for kids) and Dance Playground. Check the schedule here.

Little Creatures by SA

Little Creatures by SA

Family Dance and Music Class and Jam

In collaboration with Little Creatures by SA, a family of musicians who are dear to us, we will be hosting weekend dance and music classes and improvisation jams for families! These will be held at Goodman Arts Centre. Keen to join? Click here.

Dance Jambo session at Eshkol Valley Preschool

Dance Jambo session at Eshkol Valley Preschool

Support and Training

We are grateful for the support we have received from these organisations and individuals, including but not limited to support in funding, programme development, feedback and guidance, training etc.

Alicia Pon

The Artground, through the Groundbreakers Programme

Eshkol Valley (AMK campus)

Global Tots (Holland campus)

Ian Lim

Janice Kwa

My First Skool (Edgedale campus)

The National Arts Council

Richard Lim, The Relational

Segni Mossi (Italy)

Singapore Children’s Society (Kidzlive: I Can Protect Myself)

Singapore International Foundation

Superhero Me

Yong Kailin