How old does the child have to be?

Our dance class is recommended for children aged 2- 5 years, though we welcome children of all ages to join in.

On occasion, younger siblings (babies included) and older siblings have joined in the classes. It is a joy to witness how the children and grown-ups dance and move creatively together - there are many configurations for how! Sometimes, older and young siblings partner up while their grown-ups partner up. At other times, the whole family rolls, crawls, chassés, and spins together. 

Is the class suitable for children with special needs?

It depends. We welcome children with special needs and our facilitators are able to assist in movement modification, but we recognise that there are a range of special needs and our class may not meet all needs.

If you would like to enquire about suitability and accessibility, please contact us at

Can my sister, father or nanny attend the class with my child?

Yes, we welcome alternate care-givers to join in the class, as long as your child is comfortable with the physical contact. 

Some tips: 

  • We recommend that alternate care-givers are given a heads-up regarding what to expect. Though we have interacted with care-givers who were ready to and enthusiastic about dancing and partnering with the children, others were less prepared and less comfortable to be dancing. 
  • You may find it useful to discuss what is and isn't appropriate touch with the alternate care-giver . They may feel more assured and confident knowing that the boundaries are clear. 

Can I join in the class with my nieces and nephews? I am not a parent. 

Yes! At Rolypoly Family, we don't define for you who makes up a family. Therefore, we welcome children to attend the family dance class with any grown-up they trust and have a healthy family life with.

Some tips:

  • Listening to the children is key. At any point, if they express discomfort with the movement or a type of touch, do respect their choice and modify the movement/touch. 
  • If you are unsure about what is considered appropriate with regard to touch, please clarify with the children's primary caregivers before class. 

Can I breastfeed in the class?

You are welcome to breastfeed by the side of the dance floor. 

For safety reasons, we ask that you refrain from parking yourself in the middle of the dance floor while breastfeeding. 

Is the class structured or is it free-play?

The class is fully-facilitated by our dance facilitators. There is a structure but with plenty of room for creativity and free-play within it. Join us to find out! 

We encourage grown-ups to leave space for the children to follow their curiosity and to take their time to warm-up to the space. For example, if the movement game asks for grown-ups and children to become as small as possible, but a child is skipping around the studio, we could try asking the child "what is the smallest, tiniest skip you can do?" or "I'm being a very small egg right now, can you come help make me even smaller?" rather than physically manipulating or lecturing the child into following the game literally. 

That said, safety is paramount - if the children or grown-ups are posing a danger to themselves or others, we will guide them (verbally or physically) towards safety.