Rolypoly Family Dance Class at Superhero We Festival 2018 (Photo by celine asril)

Rolypoly Family Dance Class at Superhero We Festival 2018 (Photo by celine asril)

Season 4: Letters Wanna Dance (ages 2-5 years)

This season, we draw inspiration from the letters P, Q, R, S, T, U.

Saturdays, 10am - 11am

October 20, 27

November 3, 10, 17

Studio Up (Waterloo Centre #01-42)

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(Note that for Season 4, there are no drop-in options. Please register for the full season.)

Registration is required.  (Financial aid is available. Please enquire at hello[at]rolypolyfamily[dot]com)

Per Season (5 classes): $115/child (maximum 2 grown-ups per child)

+ Note on siblings: Siblings of all ages are welcome. We offer a special $10/class rate for siblings.

+ Note on private sessions: We bring our Family Dance Classes to private groups (eg. friends, neighbours, homeschooling co-ops). Email us at to enquire.

Rolypoly Family Dance Class contains a pint of play, a cup of curiosity, a smidgen of song, and lots of hugs and kisses!

Rolypoly Family Dance Classes bring children and grown-ups together for 1-hour of fun and connection through contact-based dance and play. We've got movement, music, massage and upside-down silliness! Children and grown-ups take turns to lead and follow, push and pull, lean and support.

Rolypoly Family's "contact-based dance and play" approach is grounded in these 3 principles: 

  • Partnership Across Generations

  • Safe Physical Contact

  • Movement Improvisation

"Contact-based dance and play" is the way we describe our work, as it is very much influenced by contact improvisation (a dance form  based on the communication between two moving bodies in physical contact) and learning through play approach. We believe that having a safe and fun space to dance in contact with others and to nurture the intelligence of our bodies is valuable for children and grown-ups of any age. 

Our approach is inspired by creative individuals and organisations from Singapore and beyond - some we know personally and some we hope to meet soon - including Chapter Zero (Singapore), Itay Yatuv/ContaKids (Israel), Segni Mossi (Italy), Hsuan-Hsiu Hung (Taiwan), "Teacher Tom" Hobson (USA), and wcciJAM (USA). 

For more information about contact improvisation, click here.

Have questions about our classes? Check out our FAQs!

Here at Rolypoly Family, we don't define "family" for you.

Join us with any young child who considers you family!