Rolypoly Family Dance Artists sometimes get together to create performances that are fun, inviting and thought-provoking for our community of families and artists. 


Our first production, Baby Baby Mama Bear, conceived by Bernice Lee, explores the being of children, playing with unpredictability, responsibility, patience, and the mysterious maternal instinct. Embracing the growing needs of a child, his artist mother and artist "auntie", Baby Baby Mama Bear puts on public display the efforts taking place in private homes, as two adults find a way to make their working, dancing selves adapt to his. How can we lead creative lives together, as families, as communities? Can we be serious, philosophical, silly, and magical, together?

Performers: Bernice Lee, Faye Lim, and Ollie                                                    Music: Kailin Yong                                                                                                  

Performances: Work-in-progress showing at the In-Bloom Choreographic Platform (with Eva Tey), latest version performed at Fang Mae Khong International Dance Festival in Vientiane, Laos

Special thanks to Singapore International Foundation, Maya Dance Theatre, Eva Tey, Fang Mae Khong International Dance Festival, Fang Lao Dance Company, Rimbun Dahan Choreolab 2016, and our families.



Photo Credit: Kavitha Krishnan